Make money and help save the planet.

Love the Earth? Love cash? Love stuff? Then it's time you traded your gadget with Asda Tech Trade-in! You sell us your old, unused mobile phones or gadgets and then what happens to them? You get cash, you get to buy stuff you love and you forget all about that old phone or gadget. We take pride in recycling your mobile phones and gadgets and it's amazing what we can do when you sell your old mobile.

Your old gadget is someone else's new gadget

Think about it, we reuse plastic carrier bags, we reuse plastic bottles, so why not reuse mobile phones and gadgets? Sometimes all they need is a little love and attention and they can be made to work like new. And here at Asda Tech Trade-in we've got loads of love to give your old mobile or gadget. Mostly when you sell an old phone, the handset is perfect. Once all the data on them has been wiped after using our free data erase tool, we can just send them off to other parts of the world like China, Africa, Pakistan and India. These are places where mobiles are very often the only form of communication as there are very few landlines. So your old phone finds a new loving owner and you get money for an old mobile phone you didn't want. When we receive your gadget, we make sure it is working by doing a full test on it. We hope to make someone’s day by enabling them to use your old gadget because in many of these countries, gadgets that we use here in the UK are unaffordable.

If we can't reuse it, we recycle it.

It's amazing what you can get out of an old mobile phone or gadget. If your old mobile or gadget is just too old or too broken and we can't fix it we won't be able to give you any cash for your mobile or gadget, but we can still recycle it for you. Recycling mobiles and gadgets gives us loads of lovely stuff we can use: flash memory, plastic and precious metals like gold and silver. Everything else is melted down to be used for really interesting stuff like road cones. Wow. Your phone as a cone – who would have thought!